Our flexible endoscope repair capabilities include the repair of all makes and models, such as Olympus, Strorz, Machida, ACMI, Pentax, and Fujinon.

Repair Standards:
Our objective is to prolong the scope’s useful life and extend the time intervals between major overhauls. (Major factory-completed overhauls are very costly, in which approximately 85% of the scope must be replaced.)
When your scope arrives at our repair lab, it is carefully inspected and diagnosed prior to any repair being performed. Your facility is consulted as to whether the required repair is the most cost-effective option, given the overall condition of the flexible scope.

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Minor Repairs

  Unblock air/water channel
  Replace bending sheath
  Repair/Replace water nozzle
  Recalibrate angulation controls
  Removal of minor fluid invasion
  Rebuild damaged eyepiece
  Repair/Reconditioned damaged insertion tube
  Repair damaged universal cord
  Unblock suction/biopsy channel

Major Repairs

  Replace suction/biopsy channel
  Remove major fluid invasion
  Removal of x-ray stain from optic bundle
  Replace elevator channel
  Teaching attachments
  Light sources